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Finding My Purpose Through My Passion

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Group of South African talent on the red carpet at IMTA in New Tork City 2023.
Team Africa owning the Awards Gala Night at IMTA 2022 in New York.

As this new week dawns, I find myself ready to share what I believe my own purpose to be - #SpreadJoy.

This year I read the empowering book by renowned psychologist Angela Duckworth titled GRIT which shed light on the idea that passion and persistence are what separate the good from the great in any field, not mere talent. And indeed, #GRIT has been my power word for this year, an inspiring daily reminder of what it takes to achieve my goals.

But with the many challenges that came from this year, I realised that while #GRIT would remain my power word for unlocking my personal potential, I needed something greater that would drive me daily to impact others. I needed a greater WHY to start with, a more passionate force that compelled me to get out of bed every morning and that aligned all my efforts in service of a singular purpose, both professionally and personally.

My time in the USA though brief, was a deeply humbling experience as I got to reflect in depth on everything and everyone that got me to this point. Receiving the recognition I did in New York for my passion of voice acting and the performing arts, was more than just a feather in my cap or another milestone to add to my portfolio.

It was a moment that showed me what I felt all along - that within me is the potential for so much more than I have previously settled for, that true happiness comes from doing more of what you truly love, more especially if that passion is a talent or gift you have been blessed with. It was a moment that boosted an already strong self-confidence and reminded me that there is no reward for playing it small in life or shying away from the new pathway to greatness that the Universe is opening for you.

Knowing all that has gone into this journey, that moment was genuinely THE happiest I’d ever been because I realised when standing on that stage, that very few are as fortunate to discover what their gift and passion is, and even fewer are able to say that they have made something OF that passion. And here I was, just a little kid from Durban now in the Big Apple, blessed enough to have found pure joy from achieving both.

And every time I’d look back at my social media after posting a new update on my trip, the sheer amount of love and support that was blowing up my phone made me realise that I was here achieving more than just a personal victory. My story, my journey, and how I represented my country, family, and my name, was all inspiring others to chase their own dreams, as seen in the many private stories I’d received in the subsequent days.

And in this moment I grew a greater appreciation for all those who had been there with me on this journey and made this victory possible, who’d made this happiest moment of mine possible. And since getting back, I just felt that such a moment of joy is something more people should feel.

So many of us go through life with few wins, yet so many challenges - heartbreaks, retrenchment, feeling unfulfilled professionally, imposter syndrome, and feeling unworthy. So many struggle in silence and it’s a shame that we can often celebrate together yet we struggle alone. With all that’s going on in the world, we could all do with a little more love, positivity, and hope.

For me, that’s meant a vision board goal of nurturing my relationships better by reconnecting with old friends and contacts and being there more often for the people who I care about and want closer in my life. And this trip and the moments experienced along the way, have given me the clarity of purpose that I wish for my personal brand to embody going forward and that is - spreading joy.

Whether it’s through quirky content like my Tik Toks, sharing LinkedIn content that inspires someone in a different way, delivering voiceovers for charitable causes, delighting clients with remarkable service, organising or MCing events that bring smiles to faces, being there for a friend in need even when they don't ask for it and there’s no tangible gain for me, or whether it’s surprising anyone in any small way that just shows that they are seen and heard.

Being good is not just good business, it’s good for the soul. And I’ve found that my greatest joy comes not from the act of doing something for myself, but from the joy that I spread through the impact of those actions and achievements.

So here’s to being the change I want to see in the world. Here’s to being kinder, healthier and happier not just to me, but those around me too. Here’s to appreciating and giving more, as I actively live my purpose to #SpreadJoy.

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