How You Like THEM Apples!

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Want to know how to lose annoying mouth noises with just a few green apple slices? Find out how, on today’s TOP TIP TUESDAY.

Are you a voice over artist, singer or regular speaker? Do you get annoyed with all the mouth noise, pops and lip smacks during your vocal performance that’s just a NIGHTMARE to edit out from your recording?

Well, a few slices of Granny Smith Green Apples might just be the short term fix you need when your mouth starts acting up while recording. This tip is especially useful if performing a softer voice over or singing more softly, because within that vocal range, the microphone tends to amplify all the lip smacks and mouth noise even more.

It’s actually one of those remedies you can also enjoy guilt free given all the other great benefits of green apples like preventing indigestion with its high fibre content, reducing the risk of colon cancer, providing antioxidants and giving you a natural energy boost. In fact, the high vitamin C content is known to help ease damaged vocal cords so if you’re a singer or voice over artist like myself, be sure to keep some apples around to help soothe your cords and sanitise the mouth from bacteria.

Okay that’s great Kav, but how exactly does it work? The malic acid content in green apples is what helps cut through the mucus and clean the mouth, so any highly acidic foods will actually help solve your issue. But green apples work especially well because their delicate balance between sweet AND acidic gets your mouth salivating just enough, to help your tongue and cheeks move more smoothly against the teeth and gums - preventing that characteristic smacking sound.

But while it seems like a miracle cure, green apples are just a temporary fix and the mucus build up should bring the mouth noise back after about 10 mins, so don’t bank on this for long form narration, lengthy speaking sessions or that grand stage singing audition.

My advice is that you should ALWAYS consult the appropriate medical practitioner for a proper inspection should you experience prolonged vocal strain and excessive mouth noise. How you like THEM apples?!

For a versatile voice artist with stunning clarity and professional quality audio, contact me for a free quote on your next voice over project.


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