• Corporate Narrations

  • Corporate Training Videos

  • Explainer Videos

  • Social Media content

  • Above-the-line Advertising (radio & television)

  • On hold messages

  • Mobile apps & websites,

  • e-learning and podcasts

  • Radio & other media imaging

  • Environmental audio, outdoor soundscapes and store atmospherics 

  • Audiobooks

With a flair for the dramatic, I love to lend my voice and creative expression to more comedic roles that deliver a fun, colourful personality to any brand or project. 

But like any true artist, I am very flexible and versatile in my expressions. Not confining my storytelling abilities, I treat every new project as a blank canvas, ready to challenge my creativity and create something fresh for my clients. Courtesy of a diverse vocal range, I am able to reveal the essence of your brand in any number of the above projects.


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