From concept to creation, I offer a service that holds your hand all the way in your radio advertising journey and will produce an effective radio commercial that WORKS for your brand.

Using world-class audio processing software and one of the largest databases of versatile license free music and sound effects, you can now lend a professional sound to your brand's message.


1) You have the choice of supplying a ready-made script for me to voice and produce, OR


2) You can request a script to be written for your commercial from scratch. But that's not all.


3) You will also be personally connected with a dedicated Sales Account Manager at a local community radio station to suit your brand's audience. This manager will assist you with taking your newly produced commercial live on air (as per independent on-air advertising rates set by the radio station). 

See below for the package rates to produce your commercial (done exclusively by Voice Artist Kav) : 


All voice recordings are charged at a flat rate of R550.00 per voice + the cost of production below*

Package 1

No music or SFX (only recorded read)

Per Advert

R 500.00

Package 2

With music or SFX

Per Advert

R 1 000.00

Package 3

Full music and SFX

Per Advert

R 1 200.00


New Ad: Voice recording fee + any production 

Per Advert

R 1 500.00


Any minor tweak to an existing ad, but not a full script change and re-recording (eg: price change) 

Per Advert

R   250.00


The above rates are all assuming you will provide a script. Request this item if you need a new advert concept scripted from scratch. A script brief will be issued to you for further campaign details. 

Per Advert

R 1 000.00

*Please Note: Additional voices for any advert will be charged for at the full rate.
* Final production costs will be signed off upon final script being provided/approved by client.

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch to start crafting on your new campaign. I can't wait! 

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