“The voice that paints a thousand pictures". Bringing ideas to life, painting pictures with my words - I pride myself on a versatile palette of vocal deliveries. What voice are YOU looking for?

Hailing from sunny Durban, I bring a friendly warmth and compelling creativity to my reads. Starting in the Production backroom at UCT Radio, I voiced various ads and jingles between 2012 and 2014, while completing my Business Science Honours degree, majoring in Marketing. 

My impressive vocal range includes the credible guy next door; the authoritative professional; and the booming baritone – a voice so rich and smooth, it makes women swoon. 

My specialty focus is conversational, hard sell, soft sell, intimate and corporate deliveries. I was honoured to be made the voice of the 2017 Builders Warehouse online video campaign, Love Your Home. So inspired by DIY, I even created my own professional home recording studio. Yes - I'm that serious about YOUR next voice over!


So contact me NOW for a free quote :)